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May 17


Starter for another prise de mousse of our Niades 2016.  The froth that’s forming is a clear indication that the yeasts are working and it also shows how different the process is compared to when we do it in winter.  The yeasts are incredibly sensitive to the climate outside, and not just​ to the temperature  [...]


May 17

Biodiversità in vigna

La biodiversità in vigna. Parola difficile. Difficile da utilizzare per una coltura intensiva come la vite nel sud Astigiano area Nizza. Ma che cosa vuol dire biodiversità? Facile, facile. Semplicemente adeguare la gestione della vigna ai tempi e modi della natura lasciando che lei organizzi la stagionalità delle essenze spontanee. Un tempo questo vigneto sarebbe  [...]


Apr 17

Nizza Villalta 2016.

With the 2016 harvest, we are going to have four more Nizza docg in addition to Cec, Margherita and Vecchia1961. Villalta is one of the four main  crus of Nizza Monferrato, with Il Bricco, San Nicolao and San Michele. It runs from north to south and links Nizza Monferrato to Chiesavecchia di Calamandrana. The vineyard  [...]


Feb 17

Barbera 70 y.o. 

Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.https://pixel.wp.com/b.gif?host=cascinagaritina.wordpress.com&blog=17754173&post=1806&subd=cascinagaritina&ref=&feed=1" width="1" height="1" />  [...]


Feb 17

Niades #harvest16

Ulisse al vedere la sua terra, la baciò, e supplicò alle Naiadi. An outstanding 2016 harvest has given us a technically unusual Niades, produced from a combination of different vineyards, located at different altitudes and with different soils. Final alcohol 5.20% Residual sugar 147 g/l Total acidity 7.40 pH 3.30 A perfect balance between the  [...]


Feb 17

Niades 2016 colour

​ 2016 really was an abnormal year, in the best possible way. I don’t know if I can show you the real colour of my Niades 2016, which is characterised by a shade I haven’t seen before. Could it be the quality of the anthocyanins? Perhaps it’s the quantity of the tannins and their polymerisation?  [...]


Jan 17

Torchiatura vinacce Barbera passita.

Torchiatura vinacce di Rugiada 2016 #barbera, alla vecchia maniera!https://pixel.wp.com/b.gif?host=cascinagaritina.wordpress.com&blog=17754173&post=1795&subd=cascinagaritina&ref=&feed=1" width="1" height="1" />  [...]


Jan 17

Ripasso con Barbera 2016 

See the video for know more about “ripasso” #Barbera  I already tried this last year, with the 2015  harvest and, once again, I’m using the “Ripasso” technique to fully exhaust the super Rugiada 2016 marc. The same amount of wine drawn off previously is poured over the hot marc. I’m using some Bricco Garitta 2016  [...]


Jan 17

Rugiada 2016 

​ After more than four weeks’ maceration, today we racked our Rugiada 2016 Passito di Barbera. The news isn’t great because, as I’d already realised when crushing the grapes, the yield in wine has been very low, as it has for all the 2016 wines. Smaller berries, thicker skin and 72 days of withering, to  [...]


Dec 16


Cold and icy on the #Nizza hills, but we’re keeping nice and warm in the cellar, carrying out one of the most typical winemaking operations: racking. As you can see in the video, the clear wine runs from the tank, leaving the  lees, made up of the heavier solid parts of the wine, on the bottom.  [...]