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Jan 18

…29 January 2018..

A warm and windy day in the Margherita vineyard. 13.6°C and 30 km/h of Marin Annunci  [...]


Jan 18

Amis 2017

Amis 2017 is going into wood to age, presumably for 24 months. In this vintage, it’s 50% Merlot, 30% Barbera and 20% Cabernet. The percentages of the last two grapes have been inverted due to the poor yield of Cabernet Sauvignon, which was about 2 t/ha. A mis 2017 va in legno per un lungo  [...]


Jan 18

Wild Orchis in vineyard

Due to last year’s really dry summer and autumn, the vineyard is still almost completely bare, because nothing germinated before the winter. In Vigna Margherita, which has higher overall temperatures than other vineyards, something’s moving under the humus and leaves. Much earlier than usual, the first baby leaves of the plant that best symbolises the  [...]


Dec 17

Margherita 2017 Nizza docg Neuvsent 

The end of the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation of Margherita 2017 in Piedmontese barrels with a capacity of 700 litres It wasn’t easy to close the fermentation of this #Nizza because the potential alcohol is more than 17.50 %!! (But the 2017 record goes to #Nizzadocg Villalta, with 18.30%) #vitadaviticoltore #Neuvsent #barrel #harvest17  [...]


Dec 17

Amis 2015

While you’re enjoying your holidays we’re working for the future.  Today we’re creating the cuvée (a mass made of the unison of two different casks because, after two years, each one gives a different wine) of Amis 2015, which we’ll be bottling in spring/summer.  This is the first release of this wine after eight years.   [...]


Dec 17

Neuvsent project Nizza docg 

Neuvsent is dedicated to the early 1900s (Neuvsent means nine hundred in Piedmontese dialect) when Margherita began tending the first vineyards of the estate that was later to be named after her: Cascina Garitina (and once again, Garitina is the dialectal abbreviation of the name Margherita, a diminutive, related to the fact that she was  [...]


Dec 17

Alfero 2017

The 2017 harvest gave us just 950 litres of our Pinot Nero instead of the usual 4000, and we’re going to change the pre- bottling ageing method. 90-95% of the mass usually ages in steel for a year, while a small amount ages in new wood. This year, however, since we don’t have tanks of  [...]


Oct 17

Rugiada 201

Pressing of our Passito di Barbera after 46 days. Now the 30/40-day fermentation adventure begins. The idea is to facilitate the mass to produce as much alcohol as possible, considering that we are starting out with over 450 g/l of sugar. More alcohol, more balance, more structure and more longevity. Pigiatura passito di Barbera dopo  [...]


Oct 17

Niades 2017

One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing sure about the 2017 vintage. This is the incredible colour of the Brachetto must, which usually tends towards old rose and dull pink. From the first tasting, I expect a very similar Niades to the 2016 vintage: wild strawberry and raspberry with background notes of wild rose. Una cosa  [...]


Sep 17

Vigna Cec 

Barbera grapes form Vigna Cec. (covered by leaves)  [...]