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Sep 17

Vigna Cec 

Barbera grapes form Vigna Cec. (covered by leaves)https://pixel.wp.com/b.gif?host=cascinagaritina.wordpress.com&blog=17754173&post=1859&subd=cascinagaritina&ref=&feed=1" width="1" height="1" />  [...]


Sep 17

Barbera recovering after early hailstorm.

J​How strong is the vine and what is the likelihood of it recovering from a hailstorm early on in its development? The pictures show the damage today, now that we’re harvesting, on the shoots, stems and bunches in the Vigna Orto vineyard, planted with Barbera AT84 on SO4 in 1995. Obviously there are some unripe  [...]


Aug 17

Barbera #harvest17

Yesterday we started picking the Barbera in the Vigna Margherita vineyard, to make our #Nizzadocg 2017. I’ve never harvested this early and never had such tiny bunches and grapes,   which are withered and, in some cases, dried out. Considering the year we’ve had (frost, hail, drought and sunburn), we shouldn’t really complain about the quantity.  [...]


Aug 17

Natural grass covarage in the vineyards

The photos taken this morning are perfect to explain why full natural grass coverage in the vineyards is successful and why leaving nature to its own devices, in this area, is the best way forward, even in such hot and especially dry years. Despite being exposed completely south-west, the Dolcetto vineyard has shown no signs  [...]


Aug 17


The first day of the grape harvest is always a special moment, a sort of release of the tension that has built up in your body and mind. This year it really will be a release, from one of the most complicated vintages ever, in which we expect a drop in yields per hectare of  [...]


Aug 17

Rugiada 2013 

At long last, after more than 33 months in wood (110-litre casks), it’s time to rack our Rugiada 2013 and prepare it for bottling.  After at least a year in the bottle, it’ll be ready to go on sale. Finalmente dopo piu di 33 mesi in legno (botticelle da 110 litri) è venuto il momento  [...]


Jul 17

Inizia la volata finale..

Invaiatura iniziata con forte anticipo anche quassù. Il #Dolcetto è sempre la prima uva perché parte da una acidità molto più bassa e quindi il cambio di pH è evidentemente prima. Contrariamente alle altre annate, l’invaiatura inizia prima nelle zone tradizionalmente più fresche del vigneto, se ancora si possono chiamare così, e poi sulle schiene  [...]


May 17


Starter for another prise de mousse of our Niades 2016.  The froth that’s forming is a clear indication that the yeasts are working and it also shows how different the process is compared to when we do it in winter.  The yeasts are incredibly sensitive to the climate outside, and not just​ to the temperature  [...]


May 17

Biodiversità in vigna

La biodiversità in vigna. Parola difficile. Difficile da utilizzare per una coltura intensiva come la vite nel sud Astigiano area Nizza. Ma che cosa vuol dire biodiversità? Facile, facile. Semplicemente adeguare la gestione della vigna ai tempi e modi della natura lasciando che lei organizzi la stagionalità delle essenze spontanee. Un tempo questo vigneto sarebbe  [...]


Apr 17

Nizza Villalta 2016.

With the 2016 harvest, we are going to have four more Nizza docg in addition to Cec, Margherita and Vecchia1961. Villalta is one of the four main  crus of Nizza Monferrato, with Il Bricco, San Nicolao and San Michele. It runs from north to south and links Nizza Monferrato to Chiesavecchia di Calamandrana. The vineyard  [...]